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Channel Holding Furnaces

Inductotherm Channel Holding Furnaces combine high productivity with economical operation and provide a continuous supply of ready-to-pour metal 24 hours a day. Select channel furnaces when high production operations need a large throughput of metal, few alloy changes are needed, and when you need the holding capacity to shift melting operations to take advantage of off-peak energy costs or the lowest energy consumption in multi-shift operations.


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Channel Holding Furnaces are capable of holding large quantities of metal at low holding power levels for extended periods of time. Metal stored in the Channel Holding Furnace can be steadily fed from a cupola or batch fed from a coreless furnace and tapped into ladles in accordance with any particular production schedule. Melting can take place during off-peak energy demand periods and then be stored in the Channel Holding Furnace and tapped for production during on-peak hours. Using a variety of efficient inductors, Channel Holding Furnaces operate year after year with minimal maintenance. A full 80 percent of the vessel capacity can be used in order to maximize the volume available for either continuous or batch duplexing.

Tech Specs

Capacities Up to 170 Metric Tons [187 Short Tons]
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Standard Features Partial or Full Stanchion Frame and Tilt Cylinders
Easy Access Slag Door
High-Conductivity Copper Coil Tubing
Spherical Dished Bottom
Hydraulic Cylinders
Water-Cooled Inductors
Dyna-Flow™ Inductor Systems
kWh Counter
Water Cooling Drain Monitor
Spouts Located Outside or Inside the Stanchion Pivots
Optional Features PLC Control and Management Systems
Various Back Platform Configurations
Lip Pour Design
Teapot Design Siphon Configurations
Underpour Design Siphon Configurations
Access Ports
Lid Working Platform
Lift/Swing Lid
Load Cells
Lining Monitoring
Fume Ring
Inert Atmosphere Purge
Frame Indexing
Inductor Types Single Loop, Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled
Twin Loop, Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled
Spout Configurations Single/Front
Slag Spout
Factory Tested Critical Components