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Coreless Holding Furnaces

Like Inductotherm Channel Holding Furnaces, Inductotherm Coreless Holding Furnaces maintain a continuous supply of metal ready to pour twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Select a Coreless Holding Furnace when holding requirements cover one or two shifts per day, are less than seven days per week, or when the need to change alloys is required.


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Coreless Holding Furnaces combine high productivity with maximum alloy flexibility. Compared to a Channel Holding Furnace, it requires significantly lower capital and installation costs. Our Coreless Holding Furnaces can be emptied to handle alloy changes on short notice and do not require energy-wasting off-shift holding.

Coreless Holding Furnaces with an Optional Mini-Heel™ Coil feature our patented extension of the inductor coils below the bottom level of the molten metal. This greatly increases electrical efficiency at low metal levels and permits continuous duplexing with as little as a 30 percent heel. This allows a full 70 percent metal volume usage when duplexing, increasing both throughput and productivity.

Tech Specs

Capacities 350 Kilograms to 100 Metric Tons [770 Pounds to 110 Short Tons]
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Standard Features Large Access Panels
Steel Shell Protection
Insulated Covers
Higher Freeboard
Ground Leak Detection
Magnetic Shunts
Optional Features Load Cells
Integrated Fume Ring
Fume Collectors and Hoods
Back-Tilting, Nose-Tilting and Pre-Tilting Systems
Safety Pit Guards
Weigh Frames
Push-Out Lining System
Additional Mini-Heel™ Coil Feature Patented Coil Extension
Factory Tested Critical Components