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HAZControl™ Technology HF Welders

HAZControl™ Welder Technology greatly simplifies the complex relationships of the key variables for HF Welding tube: Heat (Power), HAZ Width (Frequency), Vee Length, and Mill Speed. To use HAZControl™ Technology an operator enters the mill setup parameters and tube information into the software and the Variable Frequency HF Welder is set to weld tube.

With independent control of weld power and frequency, the Thermatool™ Solid State HAZControl™ Welder Technology delivers precise heat input control on each and every mill run. The combination of selecting the precise power and frequency offers pipe and tube manufacturers the flexibility to successfully produce the best weld on any tube or pipe mill with virtually any material type.

The patented HAZControl™ Welder Technology allows the HF welder operator to select the optimum welding frequency at the console, maintain the frequency, store and retrieve setup  and process parameters and achieve consistent repeatability.


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HF Welding is redefined using HAZControl™ Welder Technology.

HAZControl™ Welder Technology software uses proprietary algorithms to establish recommended power and frequency settings for initial runs of new products made on a tube and pipe mill. After a product is run and the weld quality is validated the operator stores the process parameters for future use.

  • Patented full range Thermatool™ AutoMatch™ ensures full power output over wide range of product sizes
  • VeeAxis™ control – automated vee length setup
  • Simplified operator display enables process repeatability
  • Power set-point maintained within 0.5%
  • Frequency set-point maintained within 1.0%
  • Excellent low weld power output stability and regulation for welding at mill jog speeds (as low as 1% power)
  • Power factor over 0.95
  • High efficiency rating of 85%
  • Available with dual induction/contact output
  • DC Ripple less than 0.5%
  • Low harmonic distortion rectifier
  • Standard speed/power control simplifies operation and significantly reduces scrap through accurate control of weld power in relation to mill speed at start-up and ramp down

Tech Specs

Standard Power Ratings: 50kW-1800kW
Variable Frequency Bands Available: 150kHz – 300kHz or 250kHz to 400kHz, other ranges available

380, 480, 575 V at 50/60 Hz input compatible

Primary isolated power supply DC rectifier
No High Frequency output transformer

50 kW HF Module using MOSFETs



The ThermaView™ diagnostics package is a microprocessor based graphical software that gives mill operators and maintenance technicians a constant display of weld parameters in addition to easy-to-use trouble shooting indicators. A powerful preventative maintenance tool, ThermaView™ diagnostics package provides indication of welder status and operation.

Genuine Thermatool™ tooling including induction coils and impeders ensure full weld power output and reliable operation. Thermatool™ induction coils are designed per application for long-life and optimized matching between the welder and the range of loads presented by different diameter and wall thickness combinations produced on a mill. Impeders and impeder booster pumps are available to minimize power used during welding and increase the efficiency of the welding process by ensuring that power is directed down the vee.