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Small Caliber Ammunition Systems

Radyne Cartridge Annealing Systems use a continuously fed indexing system to anneal ammunition cartridges with extreme precision. Cartridge Annealing Systems with single or dual feed streams are available based on your production rate needs.

Radyne systems are capable of heat treating and forming quality ammunition, creating specialized fragmentation patterns, specific penetration characteristics, and precise annealing profiles.


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Each model features  a part loading mechanism, vibratory bowl feed system, cam driven escapement, continuous feed dial indexer, and optional gas quench. Radyne systems support annealing of a variety of brass shell sizes with production rates ranging from 110 – 320 parts per minute.

  • Full power and heat time control
  • PLC controls with HMI interface and Radyne process monitoring
  • Optional gas quench
  • Integrated quality control for part consistency
  • Configurable automatic part unloading mechanism

Tech Specs

Annealing System 110 Annealing System 320
Speed: Up to 110 cartridges per minute Up to 320 cartridges per minute
Part Size: 4.6 mm-7.6 mm 4.6 mm-7.6 mm
Power: 25 kW 25 kW
Frequency: 135 kHz-400 kHz 135 kHz-400 kHz
Dimensions: 60W x 72D x 108H in[152W x 182D x 274H cm] 223W x 141D x 142H in[566W x 358D x 360H cm]