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Designed to automate the induction seam annealing process, SmartAnneal™ sfotware provides precise temperature control and a simple operator interface.

With SmartAnneal™ software, API® pipe producers can build a product set-up database by entering pipe parameters such as diameter, wall thickness and inductor position in addition to storing equipment settings for a given pipe size. Inductors can be positioned quickly and accurately by using these stored database parameters

Precise control of the seam annealing process in this way results in scrap reduction and higher quality product.


API is a trademark of the American Petroleum Institute Corporation.

Inductotherm Group Taiwan

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  • Simplified touch screen for multi-stage annealing systems in both manual and automatic modes
  • Single power control for multiple power supply applications
  • Speed Power Control for seam anealers ensures power level is maintained and engaged automatically with the mill run signal
  • Real-time feedback via PLC interface
  • Feature rich closed loop temperature control
  • Repeatable, precise automatic inductor positioning
  • Consistent operation through auto data logging
  • Simplified maintenance through graphical troubleshooting guide and cooling system monitor